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  • Monster Design System

    This monster design system is based largely upon Mailanka's "Homebrew Monsters":http://forums.sjgames.com/showthread.php?t=63730 thread. The basic idea behind this is you take a single base monster template and a single monster role template. You can …

  • MDS: Primates

    Primates are the ancestral kin of humankind, and the most man-like of the base animals - but do not mistake them for friends. Primates are smart and unpredictable, but expect them to defend their homes from prowling adventurers. The typical environment …

  • MDS: Felines

    Felines are a common sight in most of civilization, with the common Domestic Cat being highly popular. Other varieties of Feline live in a diverse variety of environments, from the Lions of the plains to the Jaguars of the jungle. The personalities of the …

  • MDS: Avians

    h3. Racial Templates

    *-125 points*
    *Bird* This is a generic Bird such as a pigeon, raven, or a small chicken. Larger chickens can't fly very well; take the Gliding Bird for that. …

  • MDS: Canines

    h3. Racial Templates

    *-75 points*
    *Dog* This is a generic breed of Dog, such as a Retriever. With a playful disposition and excellent senses, Dogs are one of Man's most common pets, …

  • MDS: Animal Lenses

    Some lenses fit just about any animal, sometimes transforming them from a normal animal into a Giant or Dire variety, sometimes not. The following lenses can apply to any animal type, or even other creatures - apply the Giant lens to a normal Human to get …

  • MDS: Bovines

    *-49 point*
    *Ox* Oxen are simply neutered Bulls; remove the Impaling Striker to create a typical Cow. table{width:500px}. |{width:30%}. *ST:* 27 ==[68]*†== |{width:30%}. *HP:* 27 …

  • MDS: Rodents

    These are Rodents, such as the Rat or Flying Squirrel, and several species similar to, but not truly, rodents, such as Bats and Racoons. All Rodents commonly have the Disease Carrier lens.

    *-125 points*
  • MDS: Giant Ungulates

    These are the Giant Ungulates, large hoofed animals such as the Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Hippopotamus.

    *227 points*
    *Elephant* Strong and intelligent, the Elephant has been …

  • MDS: Ursines

    h3. Racial Templates

    *-25 points*
    *Bear* This is a small bear, similar to a Brown Bear. Other species of bear can get much bigger and stronger! table{width:500px}. |{width:30%}. …

  • MDS: Swine

    h3. Racial Templates

    *-50 points*
    *Pig* table{width:500px}. |{width:30%}. *ST:* 10 ==[0]== |{width:30%}. *HP:* 10 ==[0]== |{width:40%}. *Speed:* 6 ==[0]== | |*DX:* 12 ==[24]*== …

  • MDS: Icthyoids

    This is a group for all Icthyoids and those close to them - not just actual fish, but marine mammals such as whales or even seals as well.
    h3. Racial Templates

    *-103 points*
    *Fish …

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